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Best Beaches in Goa

A guide to the finest beaches in Goa. From the North to the South of the state, enjoy an incredible coastline throughout your Goa holidays.

India’s ‘sunshine state’ has long provided a haven for those in search of the sun, sand and sea. Boasting 105km of stunning coastline and an endless list of idyllic beach settings, there’s no surprise so many people flock to Goa for their beach holidays. The laid-back and picturesque state is all about relaxation, and in fact, the only stress you’re likely to encounter is in choosing which beach to visit during your holiday in Goa.

We’ve compiled the perfect list for those of you struggling to pick your perfect seaside location – presenting our top 10 beaches in Goa, all ready to be enjoyed on a sun-filled holiday.

Top 5 Beaches in Goa

  1. Morjim

Discovered in the far north of the state, Morjim presents one of the more wild expanses of sand for you to embrace during your Goa holidays. Backed by a smattering of inviting beach bars and shacks, the beach’s most famous characteristic is its role as a nesting ground for olive ridley sea turtles.

2. Colva Beach

One of Goa’s most famous beaches, Colva attracts crowds of tourists during high season (mid-November through mid-February) — for good reason. The 2.4-kilometer-long beach in south Goa offers an endless array of aquatic adventure sports (including jet skiing, banana boat rides, and parasailing), sand that’s as soft and as white as baby powder, and a well-developed tourism infrastructure that can cater to your every need. See for yourself at the incredible beach resorts in this area.

Colva Beach is a favorite among Indian tourists, so if you’re looking for a local experience, you’ll find it here. Consider staying overnight at one of the many homestay accommodations offered by families in the village for an even more authentic trip.

When you’ve had enough sun, head just a few minutes inland for sanctuary at Our Lady of Mercy Church. The white-washed spiritual center in the village square was founded in the 1600s and houses a famous statue of an infant Jesus that reportedly has healing powers. The attraction draws countless pilgrims from around the world for the traditional Fama celebration every October.

3. Baga

A little further south of Morjim sits Baga, showcasing an entirely different atmosphere to that of its neighbour. Isolation is swapped for infrastructure, resulting in a fantastically vibrant atmosphere defined by an unbroken line of aromatic and welcoming beach shacks, all placed beside a long stretch of golden sand.

4. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa for honeymoon tourists. Nicknamed “Lovers’ Paradise,” this coastal destination in the suburbs of Panaji even has its own love legend.

The tale is about Dona Paula, the daughter of a Portuguese viceroy, who threw herself into the Arabian Sea after her father forbade her from seeing a Goan fisherman who had stolen her heart. The viceroy was so saddened by the loss of his young daughter that he named this entire beautiful area after her, and treated it as a tribute to eternal romance.

It’s easy for modern-day tourists to fall in love with this pretty beach. It’s got calm waters and bronze sand shaded by palm trees, along with a relaxing vibe that begs you to stick around for sunset. It’s also well served by a range of accommodations, including boutique hotels and luxury beach resorts, that will make you feel right at home.

5. Morjim Beach

This beach in north Goa offers a more wild, rustic feel than others in the state. It’s a tranquil escape, lined with beach huts and sun beds, where you can spend hours on end. Morjim Beach has earned the nickname “Little Russia” for the large influx of Russians who stay here for weeks at a time. Its abundance of Russian restaurants can be a welcome change of pace from the rest of the food in Goa.

One of the top things to do in Morjim Beach is check out the wildlife. A variety of feathered species, including kingfishers, cuckoos, bay-backed shrikes, and sand plovers, create a bird-lovers’ utopiaOlive ridley sea turtles can be found along the beach and offer unique photo opportunities. However, local laws prohibit tourists from disturbing the creatures, so be respectful and avoid getting too close. Look out to sea and you may see dolphins swimming along the horizon.

Hot tipBring your best pair of binoculars, so you can get up-close views of the animals at Morjim Beach.


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