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Top 5 seafood in Thailand

Thailand is famously known for its cuisine and with these best Thai seafood dishes, we’d intend to prove that visit Thailand is more than just eating noodles, rice and curries and inspire you to try some of this deliciousness during your next trip to the land of the smiles. Thailand has twenty-five …

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Top 10 Mughlai foods

Top 10 Mughlai Foods in India are Chicken Korma An authentic Indian curry, chicken korma is a treat for all non-vegetarians. Made by using succulent pieces of chicken in a host of whole spices, yogurt and a lot of nuts, this Mughlai era’s traditional dish is perfect to make at …

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Top 5 Tallest Building in Dubai

Dubai, one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates contains a perfect mix of history and innovation. It is not only a multi-layered land with a vision but also the home to several architectural wonders and aesthetic skyscrapers. The architecture of structures has transformed dramatically from traditional styles …

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