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How to create a website from scratch using html,css,Javascript and Bootstrap

How to create a website from scratch using html,css,Javascript and Bootstrap

To make website from scratch first of all fundamentals of following  programming languages should be cleared
  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Javascript
  5. Jquery

    1.  HTML

  •         HTML Stands for Hypertext markup language.
  •        This is used for building structure of web pages..
  •        In this whole code is written between <body> and <//body>.

   2.  css

  • css Stands for Cascading stylesheet.
  • In this structure of web page is converted to design of website..
  • In this one can style the heading and paragraph of website,change font family of heading and give color to heading and paragraph.
  • There are three type of CSS
  1. Internal CSS
  2. Inline CSS
  3. External CSS

    3.  Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap is HTML, CSS and Javascript framework.
  • The main purpose of using bootstrap is to make website responsive i.e website adjust itself according to device screen resolution.
  • In this concept of media query is used to make website responsive


      4. Javascript

  •  Javascript is concerned with functionality of website.
  • In this function such as onmouseover,out mouseover and many other functions are used.


     5. Jquery

  • Jquery is a Javascript library.


 Role of  Website builder in Building website

           What are Website Builders?

  •       Website builders are online portals which help in creating website such as WIX,Wordpress,Blogger and vice versa.
  •        They mainly work on drag and drop interface.


                        Role of Frameworks in Building website


  • Different frameworks are used for building website such as notepad++,Dreamweaver, Sublime text, Brackets, Visual Studio Code,



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