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Latest Tech News about Web Designing in 2020

Latest Tech News about Web Designing in 2020

Trends in Web Designing

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Web designing is trending nowadays..Every sector whether it is banking, Hospitals, MNC’s and  vice versa need website for their business.As internet is in boom nowadays lakhs of people upload their websites to the internet.Now let’s talk about the latest tech news in web designing in detail.

Following are the trends of web designing

  1. Static website
  2. Responsive Web Structure
  3. Dynamic website
  4. CMS


  1. Static website:- Static website are those which do not need database and server  to run their code.These are Frontend languages such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Python.
  2. Responsive Web Structure:– Responsive Web Structure mainly comes under front end programming languages such as Bootstrap.Responsive web means the website structure is adjusted according to screen resolution of different devices.This is done with technique called media query.This is declared by @media screen (max-width: 768px)
  3. Dynamic website:- Dynamic website are those which need database and server to run their code.These are Backend languages such as PHP, Mysql and many more.
  4. CMS:- CMS stands for Content management system.These are mainly platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace and vice versa.These platform work on the concept which is based on theme management.We choose theme structure according to our requirement.There are two things in the CMS i.e Frontend and Backend.Frontend is the section where we preview our website and backend is the dashboard of Website.




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