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Starting the Basics of Logo Designing with Tubeally

Description of Logo Designing with its types

What is Logo?

  • Logo may represent any brand, MNC or Company.
  • Logo is the pictorial representation of any brand that can be any kind of sport shoes, clothes and vice versa.
  • For example shown below is logo of my website

Different types of Logos

  1. Abstract Mark Logo
  2. Mascot Logo
  3. Combination Mark Logo
  4. Emblem Logo
  5. Lettermark Logo
  6. Pictorial Mark Logo
  7. Wordmark Logo

Tools Required for Making Logo

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Corel Draw
  3. Adobe Illustrator

How to make Logo in Adobe Photoshop

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. Create new Document
  3. In New Document Select Width and height of Logo
  4. The Background layer is locked in photoshop so unlock it.
  5. In the Toolbar Panel Select Pen Tool.
  6. Create new layer i,e Ctrl+shift+n.
  7. in the new layer select pen tool draw shape according to your Logo requirement.
  8. Click on the Layer you created and left click and select fill path and choose colour of your logo requirement.
  9. Click on Open and click on save as and select png format.
  10. Your Logo is Done!

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