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Termination of Employee

Termination of Employee

Termination of employee can happen to anyone.Job life plays an important role in the life of employee.It help in building future of employee.It helps in employee growth in his/her company in which he/she ix working in.It prepares employee for handling any kind of situation.Job has advantages but it has its disadvantages as well as you know everything in this universe has its pros and cons.

Termination of Employee

Termination of employee

In today’s world many students do their courses but after doing course they are thinking that they are having good job offer in their hand but nothing happens as they think because  in today’s world competition is big  in every field.According to my perspective employee jobs are terminated due to following reasons

  • Lack of skills
  • Lack of expertise in filed they are doing job
  • Lack of performance
  • Lack of behaviour or attitude
  • Damaging company’s property
  • Drinking alcohol and taking drugs while working
  • Misconduct
  • Breaking company policies

Advantages of job

  1. You have identity different from others
  2. Paycheck
  3. You are completely independent
  4. You are polishing your skills
  5. You are getting extra perks

Disadvantages of job

  1. 24/7 hours job working can affect your health
  2. Lack of training
  3. It leads to pressure as every day you have to handle your work in pressure.


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