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Top 10 Mughlai foods

Top 10 Mughlai Foods in India are Chicken Korma An authentic Indian curry, chicken korma is a treat for all non-vegetarians. Made by using succulent pieces of chicken in a host of whole spices, yogurt and a lot of nuts, this Mughlai era’s traditional dish is perfect to make at …

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Top 5 Tallest Building in Dubai

Dubai, one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates contains a perfect mix of history and innovation. It is not only a multi-layered land with a vision but also the home to several architectural wonders and aesthetic skyscrapers. The architecture of structures has transformed dramatically from traditional styles …

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Top 5 Expensive Sarees in India

Westernization has surely made us look more comfy but traditional attires will continue to stand a step ahead. In a country like India, where wearing saree comes up as a special affair, it’s like magic draped in nine yards. Nowadays when even fashionistas take sarees as a style statement or for one time gaga …

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