Introduction to  Blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging is technique where we publish our articles directly to our website.Blog can be made by many ways i.e either  by coding or wordpress,blogger,wix and many other platforms.In this technique layout of  website is made.Blogging

What is a blog used for?

The purpose of creating a blog is advertising.People use their blog for different purposes,Big hotels,Hospitals,MNC’s,Gym and Grocery store use their website to mainly advertise their services.For example hotels such as oyo use their blogs for providing room service to their customers,Gym use their blogs for showing their packages for exercise,MNC’s i.e Multinational Companies use their blogs for posting job openings for their candidates and schedule interviews and Grocery store use their website to sell their grocery products.

What is blogging and how do you do it?

In this technique first choose a domain of your interest i.e niche For example Someone have interest in cooking he/she will buy domain in cooking website.Then website is made in wordpress or any other tool whichever in which you want to make.Then articles is published to our website and SEO i.e On page and Off page is done for increasing google ranking for our website.

Can you make money blogging?

Blogging is a huge money making platform and of course yes we can make money with our website.We can put adsense ads for our website.To apply for adsense account we have to submit our website to search console and verify ownership of our website i.e we are real owner of our website.

How do I make my blog searchable?

To make our blogs searchable we use technique called seo i.e search engine optimisation.There are mainly three types of seo i.e onpage seo,off page seo  and technical seo.We can also check seo score by website such as seo checker,semrush and many others.


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